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All have tags, some are a bit curved or worn. Please ask for more pics if needed. Some tush tags have BEANIE marked out with a sharpie.
Psyduck - 8
Koffing - SOLD
Poliwhirl - 8
Snorlax - 12
Poliwhirl - 8
Clefairy - 20
Jigglypuff - 20
Ivysaur - 14
Meowth - 8
Mewtwo - 8

Charizard (treat) - 8
Espeon (TTO Canvas) - PENDING
Chimchar - Unsure, offer or trade?
Vulpix KFC - 12
Espeon (MPC) - 15
Umbreon (Pokemon Time) - 15

Pikachu Vintage Towel Holder - PENDING
Charmander in Ball - In Package - 16
N64 Transfer Pack - Untested - 6
Pokemon Pinball - 4
Pokemon Blue - Sealed, some box damage - 150
Vulpix Dog Tags - 15
Clefairy and Clefable Fuzzy Figures - 15
Cards - Unsure, trades or offer?

Meowth - 15
Togepi - PENDING
Psyduck- 15
Squirtle - 25

NON POKE-MERCH BELOW! ----------------

Orange Fox - 20 (Special Kickstarter Plush, super cute!)

Make offers, nothing here has been priced yet. Everything has it's tag and is either brand new or like new. Items have been displayed, not used.

Two Golden Neko Cell Phone Plug Accents - 5

Sailor Moon Cookie Charms - SOLD: Luna/Artemis Set.


Halp Identify Pika!

Can anyone help me identify this guy? I believe he has a tomy tag but I can't seem to find one just like him and sadly he sold.

Thanks so much in advance. :) ♡


Some Wants.. and happy weekend!

I'm trying to keep an eye out for these. Has anyone seen any or do you maybe have some you'd part with? :)

They're all by Poke Box.

Thanks in advance!

Also happy Saturday! I hope everyone is having an amazing weekend!

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I'm also looking for some cute roundish Cleffa plush and kid figures. Please let me know what you've got.


Holy shit.. I'm old.

It's been forever.

I've moved, moved again. I've only been dating one person since then, the man I adore. Dave. <3 He's mine and I couldn't be happier. Our anniversary is May 10th, 2009. I'm also excited I get to bring him with me to Disney World in just two weeks, then after that we're visiting his mother for a week, too! Exciting months ahead, it seems.

<3 - Amber
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